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Tips for maintaining dyed hair

Hair coloring is very trending among women because maybe they are bored with the old look or want to try a new look.

But many of the women do not pay attention to how to take care of the hair that has been dyed so that the hair color fades too quickly or the condition of the hair becomes damaged. There are several things that can be done to avoid this so that stunting hair color lasts longer.

Here are some tips :

Try not to shampoo every day
Hair that is exposed to water and other ingredients in the shampoo will cause the hair cuticle to open and make the color molecules decrease. For good results so that the hair color is maintained can be simply shampooed twice a week.

Try to choose shampoos that are sulfate-free
Sulfate ingredients in the content of shampoos that are useful for foaming in shampoos can quickly soften hair color, so it would be nice to avoid using sulfate-free shampoos so that dyed hair does not fade quickly.

Wearing care products
Besides being useful for nourishing hair, care products can also make hair color more brilliant and stay healthy.

Do not be exposed to heat too often
Before drying hair with a hair dryer, try to use heat protection products so that the hair color does not fade quickly, heat protection products can also help keep hair healthy and look shinier

Using cold water
When shampooing, avoid using warm water or hot water because those two things can make your hair fade quickly.

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